Model Yachts and Stuff

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Pictures of my Boats


AC USA 18 and me.

Marblehead ODR and One Meter One Design

Soling 1meter

Miscelaneous pictures

Here is a full size glider that I photographed while getting a glider ride.

P47 Thunderbolt at the Wright Patterson Air Force Musuem

My Graupner Secco

A bunch of Zagi's playing slope combat at Brookville Dam in Indiana

A view of the flight line at Brookville Dam

A few random gliders lying around

My Klingberg Wing.

A B-17 at Boeing Field in Seattle,Washington.

A few large electrics at the Boeing Hawks Electric Fly.

Another large electric.

A few really small electrics from the Boeing Hawks electric fly.

My Electron 600

Soling 1meter. It's not a plane but still a lot of fun.

My kite. Not a plane either but it was a lot of fun.

My Sukhoi. It's finally finished.

Another picture of my Sukhoi.

My Sig 4 Star 40.

4 Star 40 taking off.

Me and some of my planes.

Electron 600 flying.

Electron 600 flying.

DJ Aerotech Chrysalis

Me and the Chrysalis

Ziroli P51 taking off.

Ziroli P51

Ziroli P51

4Star 40 flying past

Chrysalis flying

Chrysalis flying