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DJ Aerotech Chrysalis

I have been looking at the 2 meter Chrysalis now for quite some time as a second glider. It has an extremely good looking wing planform with it's elipitcal leading edge and swept back tips. Plus it is built up and very open so looks extremely good with the sun shining through it. After getting a 2 meter last summer, My Electron 600 I decided to build a hand launch size so bought the HLG sized Chrysalis along with a Speed 400 to power it. I'm using a 7.2 Volt, Speed 400, Jeti 18 controller and 8 500 AR cells.

Construction Notes

Let me start by saying this is the best kit I have ever built or seen. All the cutting is perfect. 95% of the parts fit was perfect. And it had an excellent instruction booklet full of photos and flying notes and other tips. Plus there is the DJ Aerotech Website full of information. After holding the battery and motor up to the nose I determined that everything would fit within the narrow fuselage arrangement. I narrowed the nose a little bit further so that it would taper down to the diamter of the spinner cone. Everything else was built exactly as shown on plans. I built the V-Tail option also because I have always liked the way V-tails looked. I covered the model in Violet transparent Oracover light. The wing seems stiff enough for normal flight loads. One just has to remember to keep the speed under control while flying.

Flying Notes

I flew this on a relatively calm night. The air was a bit bumpy and the Chrysalis will react to every bit of turbulence it feels. I started out with a few unpowered test glides. It flew straight with just a few clicks of trim needed. So next I tried powered flight. I launched with just a little power on and then threw the power on. Whoo. This is my first try at a speed 400 and I was incredibly impressed with the amount of climb this little glider has. I have typically been only climbing at half throttle to lesson the chances of having a wing failure on climbout and it still seems to scoot up pretty quick.

To sum things up. This is a fun little airplane. I can't wait for summer and some good thermals to get here to spend an afternoon playing with this.